Archery Jewellery


Archery Jewellery Founder

I am a Single mother of 2 teenage daughters, originally from Sweden, but been blessed to call Bali my home since 2005.Beside designing jewellery, I also operate the only Swedish restaurant in Indonesia called Cafe Smorgas.

My jewellery design is inspired from my heritage, the strong fierce Vikings, their, symbols legacy and stories. With Archery Jewellery I’m blending the cool nordic Viking vibe, with the warm spirit and excellent craftmen ship of tropical Bali in Indonesia.

These handmade, unique, truly conversation pieces, is not only telling my story but allow other warrior women to interpret theirs, everyday, either it’s for ‘battle or a ball ‘.
By using traditional materials and methods my vision for my brand is to create something to pass on for generations to come.

Fun facts about Sweden: Its t birth place of ABBA, IKEA, the Nobel prize, spotify, minecraft, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Skype, VOLVO, the Pacemaker…and many more.

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